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Generations Of Chocolate
Our Story

Catherine & George Mootz owned Mootz’s Imported & Domestic Groceries in Pottsville. Catherine, affectionately known as Gammy, made chocolates for her family during the holidays.

Granda MootzCatherine Mootz

One Easter she made too much chocolate and decided to sell the extra in their store.

Gammy Mootz's candy was so delicious that customers began to request it. The chocolate became so popular that they closed the grocery store and Mootz Homemade Candies was born in 1919.

Gammy worked to develop recipes to grow her business. She then passed the business to her children: BJ (Big Jim), Ginny, and Georgine in the late 40’s. The Pottsville store was later operated by Georgine’s son, Ned Buckley. Unfortunately, Mootz Candies in Pottsville closed in 2010 due to structural damage caused by a nearby construction project.

Jason, Debi and Mike Mootz Jason, Debi and Mike Mootz 2014

After graduating from The University of Scranton, I wanted to pursue the candy business. My father, BJ, helped me to establish my own business but would not allow me to use the Mootz name until I could prove myself. Michael’s Candies was established in 1975. I would make candy and sell it at fairs and farmer’s markets. Once I was able to prove my commitment, Michael Mootz Candies was founded.

I married my wife, Debi Beck, in 1979. She holds the same values as I do and became a confectioner to help grow the business. Together we have continued to use Gammy’s original recipes and have also created new products that have helped to expand our ever-growing business. We have two sons, Michael and Jason. Jason works side-by-side with us as a 4th generation confectioner, continuing the family traditions and commitment to quality products that started almost a century ago.

Our first retail space as Michael Mootz Candies was at the Wyoming Valley Mall from 1977-1997.

Retail and manufacturing was established on the Sans Souci Parkway from 1983-2012.

In October 2012 we began our newest adventure by purchasing a facility at 1246 Sans Souci Parkway where we manufacture and retail our delicious confections. We would like to thank our wonderful and loyal customers. Michael Mootz Candies would not be where we are today without you. Thank you for the last 40 years and we look forward to a sweet future!


To all of you, from all of us at Michael Mootz Candies - Thank you !

Michael Mootz
& Michael Mootz Candies Team

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