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Chocolate Custom Logos

Michael Mootz Candies is proud to introduce our custom chocolate logos. This is a delicious way to promote your company, featuring the unbeatable combination of your name, your logo, and our high quality milk chocolate. Available in 1½ oz., 3 oz, 6oz., and 8oz. sizes.

Our custom chocolate logos are the perfect gift ideas for every occasion: trade show giveaways, holiday mementos for customers and vendors, employee thank-yous for a job well done, seminars, premium gifts, grand openings, product launches and so on.

With a custom chocolate logo you put your company's name on the tip of everyone's tongue!


Custom Chocolate Logos

Call Debi or Jason Mootz at (570)823-8272 to learn more.

Pricing varies depending on the size and intricacy of the mold ordered. Typically, the charge to create the mold is a one-time fee of $250.

Corporate Discount Levels

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